Zeblaze GTS Smart Watch

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Brand: Zeblaze

Zeblaze GTS Smart Watch

Zeblaze GTS

Zeblaze GTS is a smartwatch with Bluetooth call support. The start of sales in autumn 2020.

Now there is no need to take the phone to call or answer a call. The Zeblaze GTS smartwatch has a built-in speaker and microphone, and you can speak through the watch. If necessary, the conversation can be transferred to a Bluetooth headset or directly to the smartphone.

Zeblaze GTS smartwatch is comfortable to use thanks to a large 1.3-inch high-quality IPS screen.Another distinguishing feature of this watch is the newest strap, developed using molecular lattice technology, which stays dry and clean.

The watch also contains 8 built-in sports modes that will help improve your workouts’ efficiency and monitor your heart’s health around the clock. All alerts and notifications from messengers or other applications from a smartphone can be received directly on the watch.

More than 60 new watch faces have been developed, especially for Zeblaze GTS, and you can download any from the “Da Fit” application. The watch works up to 10 days on a single charge. The smartwatch is dust and water-resistant to the industry standard IP67.

There’s One for Your Wrist
Zeblaze GTS Four colors starps
Your Phone on The Wrist
Built-In Speaker And Microphone
Stay connected with friends, colleagues, and loved ones right on your wrist. The built-in speaker and microphone are ideal for quick chats with seamless switching to your smartphone if needed.

Zeblaze GTS Built-In Speaker And Microphone

1.3″ HD Color Touch Screen
The large screen displays more information. In conjunction with the screen display, whether it is a message phone, a delicate dial, or health data, other customized direct cards, it is delicate and comfortable to watch.
Zeblaze GTS 1.3" HD Color Touch Screen
Excellence in Details
Cleaning Wristband Process, Soft, Dry, Dirt Resistant
The Zeblaze GTS is built with excellence in mind down to the smallest details, even the buttons. Molecular lattice technology ensures the entire wristband is soft, dry, and resistant to dirt, making it perfect for long-term wear. It is delicate and comfortable to watch at any time.

Zeblaze GTS Cleaning Wristband

Water Resistant to IP67

Thanks to IP67 waterproof, Zeblaze GTS is resistant to sweat or rain. Just wear it to do whatever you do in your daily life.

*For a longer lifespan, if the watch gets wet, please dry it before use again.

Zeblaze GTS Water Resistant to IP67

Personalized Your Watch Faces
There are 60+ personalized watch faces available on “Da Fit” for your Zeblaze GTS. You can choose it depends on your mood. The 60+ watch faces are unique designed for the Zeblaze GTS series.

Zeblaze GTS 60+ personalized watch faces

Zeblaze GTS Watch Faces 1Zeblaze GTS Watch Faces 2Zeblaze GTS Watch Faces 3Zeblaze GTS Watch Faces 4Zeblaze GTS Watch Faces 5Zeblaze GTS Watch Faces 6Zeblaze GTS Watch Faces 7
Zeblaze GTS Watch Faces 8Zeblaze GTS Watch Faces 9Zeblaze GTS Watch Faces 10Zeblaze GTS Watch Faces 11Zeblaze GTS Watch Faces 12Zeblaze GTS Watch Faces 13Zeblaze GTS Watch Faces 14
Zeblaze GTS Watch Faces 15Zeblaze GTS Watch Faces 16Zeblaze GTS Watch Faces 17Zeblaze GTS Watch Faces 18Zeblaze GTS Watch Faces 19Zeblaze GTS Watch Faces 20
Outstanding Battery Life
Charge Once, Last for up to 10 Days
The Zeblaze GTS has excellent battery life due to the electronic components selection and power optimization technology.

Zeblaze GTS Excellent battery life

10 days
Basic Watch Modes
Turn off the Bluetooth connection, heart rate monitoring, and other functions, and lift the wrist to see the time 100 times a day.
7 days
Daily Use Modes
Continuously heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring; 150 pushed notifications lighting-up the screen, lift the wrist to see the time 30 times, and 5 minutes for other operations every day; exercise 3 times a week for 30 minutes.
220 min
Bluetooth Call Modes
Bluetooth Call activated, track exercise, and monitor heart rate.
24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring
PPG Biological Tracking Optical Sensor
The Zeblaze GTS is equipped with an advanced heart rate optical sensor, which can perform 24-hour uninterrupted high-precision heart rate detection, safeguarding your health all the time.

Zeblaze GTS 24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring

8 Mainstream Exercise Modes
Zeblaze GTS supports 8 mainstream exercise modes, which accurately track your sports activities. Multiple professional sensors record physical data in full and perform scientific analysis on them to enhance your exercise capacity.

Zeblaze GTS Purple strap smartwatch on girl

Sleep Tracking & Stages
Zeblaze GTS will automatically monitor your sleep when you are sleeping at night. It will measure your total sleep, light sleep, deep sleep, and awake time to analyze your sleep patterns.

Zeblaze GTS Sleep Tracking & Stages

No Reminders Will Be Missed
Incoming Calls, SMS, App Notifications…
Receive notifications for incoming calls, emails, messages, and other smartphone applications right on your wrist to keep you informed while working-out, without having to pull out your phone. You can also set vibration alarms to wake you up or remind you about your schedule.

Zeblaze GTS Smartwatch on mens hand

Zeblaze GTS supported language list:
English, Russian, Portuguese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Ukrainian, Arabic

Zeblaze GTS Languages

Happy Sports Constantly
Recording Every Change of You
We never forget updating products to improve the use experience. “Da Fit” can now record your heart rate steps and sleeping data more precisely. Every stride made in your health will be on your wrist. Every time you raise the wrist, smile at Zeblaze GTS.

Zeblaze GTS "Da Fit" APP

Compatibility: iOS 9.0 or above and Android 4.4 or above.


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