Awei ES70TY In-Ear Earphone

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Brand: Awei

Awei ES70TY In-Ear Earphone

Sensitivity works hand-in-hand with the impedance of the headphones.  They must correspond to each other because they both work hand-in-hand to regulate sound and produce clear acoustics without distortion. The sensitivity measured by dB SPL/mW. The Bigger dB, The higher the sensitivity rating. A high sensitivity will get a wide range of power output, but may get some distortion at the same time. Low sensitivity is harder to damage and not easy distortion, however, it need your device have more power output than high sensitivity one. Generally smart phones, tablets, and mp3 players need a earphone from 85dB to 120dB.  It should be noted that at 120 dB, the human ear begins to replace the sensation of hearing with that of pain.

Most earphone with low impedance (less than 25Ω) require little power to deliver high audio levels. So it can save your device power. Headphones with higher impedance (25Ω and over) demand more power. But, they are protected from damage caused by overloading. They can also be used with a wider range of audio equipment.

  • Personalized metal cavity shell, small appearance, stylish and delicate.
  • Equiped with moving coil unit, produce more melodious sound effect, put you into music world.
  • Design with in-ear catheter, convenient to wear.
  • Using bass enhancement technology, deep and vigorous voice.
  • Selected high-quality wire, reducing transmission loss, tangle-free and not easy to deform.
  • High-fidelity microphone configuration to ensure clear voice calls.


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